Major Medical Cover provides for the reimbursement of significant medical expenses. In particular, admission to a private hospital for care or surgery in the event of a non-acute medical condition such as cancer or heart disease.

With Health Insurance, you’re covered for just about every cost associated with hospital and surgical care.

It means you can rest assured that you’ll be well looked after without having to worry about the costs of your care.  We deal with multiple providers including Southern Cross, Accuro, nib, Sovereign, Partners Life, AIA and One Path.  Our advice is impartial and in the best interests of you and your family.

Having private healthcare means that you get to choose where and most importantly when you have the treatment that you need. No worrying about waiting in the public system queue’s and feeling unwell for an extended amount of time.

Some people want specialists and tests covered and some don’t, others see “non-Pharmac approved” medication as being important. We can walk you through the options, costs and covers and help get you covered.