Save up to 20% on your premiums when you combine your car, house and contents policies.  Be rewarded for having multiple polices and benefit from a one event, one excess policy.  Make life easier by having all your general insurances in one place so you only need to call one number for claims or service.

Tailor your cover to suit YOU by adding no-claims discounts, restricting drivers, adding named drivers, alarm discounts and lots more.

It’s also really important to make sure that your home is adequately insured.

Construction costs can change, it’s a good idea to check your sum insured amount at least annually. This will allow you to take into account any improvements made to your home – we can guide you through this process.

Ever stopped to calculate what all the goods in your home are worth? Just imagine if your home burned down and you lost everything inside. The cost of replacing absolutely everything is usually a lot more than people think. We can help you calculate the value of your contents and make sure that you get the right cover, especially if you want your goods to be covered when they are outside of the home.