Aon offers  A TradePack – it’s a business insurance pack, customised for your small to medium size trade business.
TradePack provides up to six recommended policies tailored for your business insurance needs.
You can receive a multi policy discount if you take out at least Mobile Business Assets, Broadform Liability and Commercial Motor Vehicle as part of your TradePack.


Recommended Policies

Commercial Motor Vehicle

Provides cover for accidental loss to your vehicle in New Zealand.

You are also covered for your legal liability for accidentally damaging someone else’s property or injuring them.


Mobile Business Assets

Provides cover for the portable assets of your business against physical loss or damage anywhere in New Zealand. The policy
provides cover for tools, laptops, mobile phones and more.


Broadform Liability

Protects your business in the event that your products and/or activities cause damage or injury to a third party where you are
legally liable.


Professional Indemnity

Covers your legal liability for financial loss arising from professional advice, design, plans, specifications or project management/
construction management to third parties. This will also include the cost to investigate and defend a claim.


Statutory Liability

Covers you for any fine or reparation you are liable to pay for an accidental breach of most Acts. The policy also covers the legal costs and expenses incurred to defend a complaint.


Recommended policy if you employ others;

Employers Liability

Protects your business from potential costs if you become legally liable to pay costs relating to employee(s) sustaining injury not
covered by ACC. The policy also covers the costs of defending any legal action against you.


Mobile Business Assets benefits

• Your portable assets are covered against physical loss or damage anywhere in New Zealand
• We can provide cover for loss or damage caused by natural disaster damage. This is an optional extension to your policy
• Your tools are insured for replacement value.

Commercial Motor Vehicle benefits

• The Commercial Motor Vehicle Policy includes the following options; Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party only

• Comprehensive cover includes an option to purchase the ‘loss of use’ extension, which covers costs that may be incurred in
hiring an alternative vehicle
• Your vehicle(s) are covered anywhere in New Zealand
• If your vehicle becomes a total loss within one year of its original registration, we will replace it with a new vehicle of the same make and model subject to local availability
• You will NOT have to pay an excess for a claim if:
– it is solely for accidental breakage of windscreen, window glass, sunroof glass, and/or headlight glass
– the loss arises from fire, theft or conversion of the vehicle or attempt there of
• You’re covered for your legal liability for accidentally damaging someone else’s property or injuring them for $10 million.


Broadform Liability benefits
Aon CPF Broadform Liability cover protects you for your legal liability for damage to other people’s property or injuries to other
people and we’ll:
– cover your legal liability (including costs and expenses) if someone else’s property is damaged; if the general public are injured by you or one of your employees
– cover your legal liability for property that is left in your care, custody or control
– cover your liability under the Forest and Rural Fires Act
– cover your liability arising from the use of mobile mechanical plant
– protect your company against liability arising from damage to underground services
• The policy also covers the cost of defending any legal action against you for an event covered under this policy.


Professional Indemnity benefits

• We’ll cover the financial loss you are legally liable to pay to a third party for an actual breach of your professional services.
• The policy also covers the costs of defending any legal action against you for a claim covered under this policy.


Statutory Liability benefits

• We’ll cover the cost of fines or reparation (including legal costs and expenses) that a New Zealand court or tribunal imposes on
you for an accidental breach of most Acts
• The policy also covers the costs of defending any legal action against you for an event covered under this policy.


Employer’s Liability benefits

• We’ll cover sums (including punitive and exemplary damages) that you become liable to pay arising from your employee sustaining injury
• The policy also covers the costs of defending any legal action against you for an event covered under this policy.


This text is taken from Aon’s brochure and is a summary of the policies available under Aon CPF’s TradePack and does not form part of a contract of insurance. Limitations, exclusions and conditions apply. Please refer to the Policy wordings for full details of what you’re covered for.