If you run a business, it’s important to make sure that you are covered.

Speak to us about;

Covering your assets

  • Physical damage to your property
  • Your stock
  • Portable electronic equipment
  • Refrigerated goods
  • Demolition and costs

Business Interruption Cover

This can protect the income of your business if your business cannot operate as usual and may include things like;

  • Closed transport routes
  • Suppliers being interrupted and causing you a loss because they cannot supply goods to you
  • Murder, suicide or criminal injury
  • Inability to access your premises

Business Liability Cover

  • General liability cover to cover personal injury or property damage
  • Employers liability cover for a loss to your business due to a personal injury claim by an employee
  • Statutory liability cover  for loss due to a statutory liability claim

Commercial vehicle cover for business use

  • This may include cover for a replacement vehicle
  • Claims preparation costs covers the cost of making a successful claim
  • Completion of journey if there is an accident when your vehicle has been stolen and this may include accommodation and / or travel costs as well as getting the vehicle home after it’s been repaired or recovered
  • Employees vehicles for loss or damage to your employees’ vehicles that are being used in connection with your business. (Their personal car insurance may not cover them)
  • Fatal injury If you or any driver authorised by you dies as a direct result of an accident involving your vehicle – funeral and legal costs are usually included here