We can cover your outstanding debt as well as the mortgage repayments so that you can breathe easy, knowing that you have a financial contingency plan.

Your income and your ability to work and create an income is one of your largest and most valuable assets. If you were unable to work how long could you continue to meet mortgage commitments and other day to day expenses and would you be able to achieve your financial goals?

Just think of your annual income and times that by each year you will earn that income until retirement…… then add pay increases and you may be incredibly surprised to see the result.

People are generally quick to insure their homes, cars and contents but you are worth a LOT MORE!

For a few percent of your gross income we can help you get some cover in place because it’s horrible to even think about but what of you couldn’t work for an extended period – how would you and your family be affected financially?

Could you afford to keep your home and would you be able to meet the mortgage or rent payments on your own?

What about all of the other living costs?

Talk to us, we can help.