Owen Grauman

Financial Services Manager

If the unforeseen occurs, how well protected are you and your family? Group Plus is a Financial Services company helping Kiwis identify and quantify personal risks, ensuring that you have a plan in place in the event of you falling ill or having an accident. Talk to us about how we can help.

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We will make sure to get the structure right for you and that means catering to your individual needs. Our clients come first, not the insurance company or our remuneration.

Many clients we have helped have struggled to get the cover that they need and we will quite literally exhaust all avenues to get you covered!

Our promise to you is value: a quality service and the best bang-for-buck we are able to negotiate.
We believe in having an ongoing relationship with all of our clients and we are the first point of call should a claim arise. We will guide you through the process and make it as simple and painless as possible.

Our biggest hope is that you NEVER need to use the cover that we have put in place for you – better to be happy and healthy and know that you have a contingency plan in place!


Mandy Torrens

Insurance Advisor

Mandy is a Business Insurance specialist. She has spent 25 years in the insurance industry, after completing a Business Management Studies (BMS) degree at Waikato University. Her skills are in risk management, in particular partners, shareholders and key staff members of small to medium sized businesses. She assesses the financial consequences on a business, in the event of  death, temporary or permanent disability of any key members.

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She also gives advice on personal insurances for clients: (Life, trauma, Income protection, medical insurance and permanent disability).

Mandy prides herself on providing an excellent service to her customers. She will give you a no obligation assessment of your current and future insurance needs for you and / or your business.


Jessey Foley

Legal Professional

Are you buying or selling a home and looking for a good conveyancer? If you need to sign a sale and purchase agreement over the weekend before another person pips you to the post then just call me and we can get the offer in! I help clients take the stress and hassle out of buying or selling property by coming to them off site in their homes or work places during the day, after hours or weekends.

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There are six things to remember me by that set me apart from other conveyancers.

  1. I am very friendly and approachable and will talk you through the process
  2. I am mobile and available after hours and during weekends, wherever you need me to be
  3. Our fees our fixed so there are no surprises – you will always know what you are paying for my help
  4. I offer free advice BEFORE you sign any agreement for sale and purchase
  5. Fortune Manning have an 0800 4 FM LAW phone so you can call us anytime and not be charged.
  6. I have a wide network of professionals who can help you with any other business and personal matters you may have so you get everything you need from like-minded people that want to help you get ahead.

I specialise in residential / commercial conveyancing, refinancing, trust formation, Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney, Property Sharing agreements and all other property related work.

If you want to work with an experienced conveyancer who will come and meet with you at a place and time convenient for you, talk to me about how I can help.